The creation of professional scientific projects in the style of a homework, bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis or dissertation is one of the main activities in our Ghostwriting Service. In this field, our Ghostwriters have established their Comptenzen on the market for 10 years. Our scientists accompany our customers through the entire process of scientific development and are always available for advice. At the same time, our ghostwriting service is completely aligned with your requirements during project implementation.

From planning to implementation, we provide you with our manuscripts, which are created individually and, of course, in the Ghostwriting Service as a Unique Contend for your project. In preparing your work, we put all our experience and scientific expertise at your service.

We start our projects with a project consultation that is geared to customer needs. In doing so, we provide help with the topic concept as well as the detailed planning for the design of your thesis, Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis or Diploma Thesis. Of course, the initial meeting can be done via your preferred communication channel. After the consultation, we start to prepare an expose, which we agree to your requirements and submit to you for approval.

On this basis, we discuss the project with you, so that you have the opportunity to submit your wishes so that their work can be designed according to your own ideas.

After your approval, you will give us the starting signal for the preparation of your scientific work. During the preparation you receive partial deliveries, which inform you about the progress of the preparation.

Before the project is completed, your order will undergo extensive quality controls that will ensure the highest scientific quality standards. For this purpose, the preparation of a second ghostwriter of our team is subjected to a comprehensive technical lecture and of course goes through a plagiarism check. Our ghostwriters work highly professionally and of course customize their project to the highest scientific standards. The plagiarism control only serves to avoid unwanted similarities of individual formulations, the z. B. could arise in comparisons of sources that have a high citation in research.

The Privacy Policy of our Terms and Conditions will ensure that your manuscript and project data will be deleted four days after the completion of your project, leaving it entirely under your control.

Ghostwriting service with customer-controlled processing

We want customers to have complete control over your project. That’s why our processes are tailored to your needs. We want to convince by quality and not by contractual ties. That’s why order processing is divided into steps that you control.

Academic Ghostwriting Service – best ghostwriter

Our ghostwriters are highly qualified science writers with extensive experience in their field. We make maximum demands on the selection of our team. Not only do we pay attention to excellent academic degrees with the Master as a minimum entry criterion, we also place high demands on the experience of our academic ghostwriters. That’s why, contrary to many competitors, we do not work with authors who have just graduated, but require years of experience. In addition to the technical requirements, we also make high demands on our authors in order to ensure optimal customer service for you. Academic ghostwriting is based on trust and good cooperation. That is why it is particularly important to us that the customers are in good hands with us and spend the creation time carefree.

Ghostwriting service with transparent fixed price system

Each offer is individually tailored to your project. The costs are calculated as an absolutely transparent fixed price without any hidden costs. Due to our process design, you only pay for the next processing step and maintain full cost control. We do not want to impose any contractual obligations on you, but convince you with our academic achievements.